10k in a day – on a slackline

Endurance Slackline World Record over the Aare River in Bern, Switzerland Link to a Newspaper article (German) Link to media report (German) Link to Crowdfunding for sustainable slacklining in Bern. Timelaps of the day: 10km on a slackline (waterline) in a day from SLACKATTACK – Slackline Crew. Saturday, 30.06.2018, 3am It’s not my strength to get Read more about 10k in a day – on a slackline[…]

Our Space is in Place!

The Eleven Slackline Spaceline! No Preparation needed A new batch of lines between 15-30m arrived at the slackattack villa for beginner workshops – they had to be deflowered – ideally at the same time!  The idea of a multi legged walkable spaceline is an old one – I have had it many times, but we Read more about Our Space is in Place![…]

Step by step: First tries on a 600m (1970ft) looongline

Hightech - Frankenline Diaries: Wednesday, 9th of March I got lucky! I was surfing around online searching for saggy longline spots, as I have done many times before. I came across a potential dip not far from Bern; approximately 600m between two small patches of forrest. Motivated by this rare finding, I mentioned it to Read more about Step by step: First tries on a 600m (1970ft) looongline[…]